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Civilization: Revolution

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Civilization: Revolution - Firaxis im Gespräch

01.07.2008 / 18:09 Uhr / Marc Friedrichs

Seit kurzem gibt es für Besitzer einer Xbox 360 mit Spaß an Strategie endlich eine Umsetzung von Sid Meier's "Civilization". Das Ganze hört auf den Untertitel "Revolution" und will dass Genre demnach nicht nur beleben sondern auch gleich ein wenig revolutionieren.

Dem Xbox Community Network, dessen Mitglied wir sind, stand nun Barry Caudill, seines Zeichens Executive Producer bei Entwickler Firaxis Games, zur Verfügung. Hier das englischsprachige Interview.

What role has Sid Meier played in the development of Civilization: Revolution?
Sid was the supreme leader of the dev team and completely hands-on with Civilization Revolution in the role of Lead Designer and Programmer. He created the initial prototype and then wrote code for the game every day until we finished.

Civ has had a fair few outings on console platforms before, so what makes Civilization: Revolution so special?
We started from scratch with Civilization Revolution and built the game from the ground up for the Xbox 360. It gave us a great opportunity to take all of the elements that have made Civ on the PC so successful and build that experience specifically for the 360, taking advantage of the many cool features the system offers.

Civ Revolution is fast paced, visually immersive, easy to pick up and play (yet challenging to master) and offers the deep addictive game experience that fans of the series have loved for a long time. We feel very confident that Civ Revolution is the answer to strategy on consoles and think the design approach we’ve taken with the game will deliver a compelling new experience to console players that they’ll really enjoy.

Can you describe how challenging it’s been to bring the game from its PC homeland to the Xbox 360?
There was definitely a bit of a learning curve for the development team since this was our first game for the Xbox 360. But, Sid really had a clear vision of what the Civ experience should be on the console and his initial prototype demonstrated to the team what we needed to do. It was a three year endeavor and we worked very hard under Sid’s leadership to bring his vision to life. And I’m happy to report that we think we really nailed it!

How have you dealt with the challenges of mapping the traditional mouse and keyboard controls to the Xbox 360 controller?
We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the commands were a natural fit on the Xbox 360 controller and we had great results re-mapping them. Since Civilization is a turn-based game we didn’t have to sacrifice any of the depth – the game will wait for you to make your decisions. The depth comes from the way all of the individual decisions add up to create something epic.

Has the flow or scale of the game changed dramatically in Civ: Rev to make it more suited to the Xbox 360?
Civ Revolution delivers a full Civ gameplay experience in a much shorter time frame than in previous Civ games and we think that’s a very exciting step for the series. Civ PC games can take multiple hours to complete, but games of Civilization Revolution will be finished in a few hours or less. You’ll still experience all of the goodness that is Civ and the whole sweep of time from the Stone Age to the Space Age, but you can complete a game in an evening – and then have time to play again!

Can you tell us about the civilizations the player can choose and any changes or additions you’ve made to them for Civ: Rev?
There are 16 civs you can choose to play in Civ Revolution (from Zulu to Germany to America to China) each with leaders who have four special abilities that give their Civ unique advantages throughout each era. The biggest change to the Civs is that they are all very powerful – you can win with any of them if you play on their strengths and employ the right strategies.

Have you made any changes to city management or the tech tree?
Yes, there have been several changes in both of those areas. On the city management side we initially limit the player to the eight tiles immediately surrounding the city. You can expand to the next ring of tiles by building a courthouse in that city. We also added several new management options. You can choose to have a city governor optimize your city for production or gold or science but you can still go in and manage individual workers as well. Another interesting change is that we’ve added tradesmen to the city, so anyone that works “in town” will generate production and increasing amounts of trade.

The tech tree has everything you would expect from a Civ game but it is definitely streamlined when compared to recent games like Civilization IV. Like Civ IV you don’t need to have all of the preceding techs to research something but it’s cheaper if you do. In addition you get cool bonuses for many of the techs if you are the first one in the game to research them.

How does combat work in Civ: Rev?
Combat odds are determined by the attack and defense strengths of the combatants modified by terrain, upgrades, and the presence of great generals or support units. Damaged units can heal by remaining in place for a turn in friendly or neutral territory. Combat is still an all or nothing affair in which one unit is going to be gone unless the attacking player chooses to retreat.

How does diplomacy work in Civ: Rev?
Diplomacy is what you would normally expect from a Civ game. You get to interact with other great leaders, trade technologies, declare war, and even ask someone to go to war on your behalf. Technologies are generally traded for gold but can also be demanded vs. the threat of war. Leaders may even demand one of your great people in order to avoid war. Multiplayer games also have the benefit of voice and video chat to aid in making deals.

Have you added any major new gameplay concepts to Civ: Rev that we might not have seen in the PC versions?
I can think of a couple things that we added that have never been in Civ before. One is the retreat option I mentioned above. We allow the attacking player to choose to retreat if they believe the battle is going poorly. If you do choose to retreat, you will be giving the defender an automatic upgrade, so use it sparingly.

Another really cool thing is naval support. Naval units will automatically support a battle with a bonus equal to half of their attack power when they are positioned next to combat. You can use this very strategically to support your conquests or to ensure a better defense in your cities at home.

What kind of options to players have to dictate the length of their game?
In single player the only real option would be the difficulty level in a normal game, but we’ve also included several scenario situations that dramatically shorten the length of a game if you’re in a hurry. In multiplayer games you can use the handicap feature to make everything build faster if you are so inclined. You can also use different turn timer lengths for multiplayer to speed up progress, or disable it entirely to spread it out.

How do the Xbox LIVE modes work in Civ: Rev?
Pretty much the way you would expect. You can play head-to-head, up to four player free-for-all, and team games and you can do that in either a ranked or unranked setting. In the ranked setting you are automatically paired with your opponent(s). In unranked games you will be able to send invitations to your friends or search for open games. Ranked games will be posted to your profile and you will be able to find where you stand on the leader boards for each game type.

In addition you will also be able to play the Game of the Week - a unique single player game every week that allows you to see how you stack up with other players around the world on the exact same map with the exact same circumstances.

Can you use the LIVE Vision Camera?
Yes the camera is fully supported for multiplayer games.

Do you have plans for PDLC or expansions to Civ: Rev in the future?
We have some very cool DLC that we’ll offer on XBL starting in mid-July and continuing through the end of the year.

We’ve also built the most competitive multiplayer experience ever delivered in a civ game that will be supported by all of the great features offered on XBL like auto-matching, ranked games, leaderboards and achievements. We’re also offering the “Game of the Week” in which we’ll provide a new game each week for people to play and then post their best scores online so we can declare “The World’s Best Civ Player” every week!

What do you see in the future for the Civ series on Xbox 360?
We’ve just finished Civ Revolution and are making decisions now on what’s next for the Civ series. We’ll get back to you with more information in the near future.

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