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Crysis 2 - Im Gespräch mit Nathan Camarillo

11.02.2011 / 14:58 Uhr / Marc Friedrichs

Im März erscheint mit "Crysis 2" einer der Top-Titel des Jahres. Der Produzent stellte sich nun unseren Fragen.

Crysis 2

Konnte der deutsche Entwickler Crytek mit "Far Cry" 2004 den seinen ersten Erfolg feiern, legte man 3 Jahre später mit "Crysis" noch einen drauf. Bis heute sind viele Konsolenspieler noch neidisch, dass der Grafik-Kracher bislang nur für den PC erschienen ist. Nachdem sich diverse Gerüchte um eine Portierung nicht bewahrheitet haben, dürfen Xbox 360-Spieler im März immerhin den zweiten Teil genießen.

In einem Interview mit dem Xbox Community Network, dessen Mitglied wir sind, hat sich nun Produzent Nathan Camarillo zu "Crysis 2" geäußert. Hier das englische Interview:

How long is the title in development?
We started developing it right after the release of "Crysis 1", end of 2007 – so "Crysis 2" is in development since round about 3 years. During this time we also overhauled our technology from CryEngine 2 to CryEngine 3 so a significant amount of work went into making "Crysis 2" happen.

How many hours of gameplay are in the campaign?
With "Crysis 2" we are delivering a very solid package for gamers. Depending on your play style the Singleplayer offers more than 10 hours of gameplay your first time through and the Multiplayer adds up to 50 more hours of gameplay fun. It is important to remember that "Crysis 2" levels follow a methodology we call a "choreographed sandbox" so you will have a great time playing the missions more than once as you try different tactics and playstyles.

Give us more details on the multiplayer modes, rankings,...
The "Crysis 2" Multiplayer offers full player progression, custom loadouts, Nanosuit modules that extend the suit gameplay even further than the core Nanosuit actions, and long term rewards with upgrades to rank, weapons and the Nanosuit 2! In total the Multiplayer includes 6 game modes (Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Instant Action, Assault, Capture the flag and extraction), 4 default classes and 5 custom classes, 50 ranks, more than 20 Nanosuit modules which level up, more than 200 dog tags and lots more.

"Crysis" on PC is heralded as one of the best looking games of the generation, how well does "Crysis 2" compare, and do you think the city based environments have created their own set of unique challenges?
With the PC-exclusive "Crysis 1", we wanted to push our technology (CryENGINE® 2) as far as we could – and the fact that the game is still being used for graphics benchmarks today underlines our success in doing so. For "Crysis 2" we developed a whole new technology called CryENGINE® 3. In contrast to CryENGINE®2 the new version of the engine is supporting console platforms as well and so "Crysis 2" is the first Crytek game that is not PC only. Furthermore, the next installment of the "Crysis" series is moving away from the big, lush jungle in the pacific to New York City. This new setting is offering much more opportunities for vertical gameplay than a jungle. But when it comes down to it, we didn't really have to change our engine tech to suit the city environement. CryENGINE® 3 offers developers the possibility to do whatever they want to – environment wise, genre wise, content wise. There are basically no limitations to developer's creativity. Nevertheless, we implemented new features into CryENGINE 3 that benefit the city-setting. One of the most important ones for sure is our new rendering technique, Deferred Lighting. It allows for a huge number of dynamic lights in a scene, without requiring a high amount of processing power. And this is ideal for the New York setting of "Crysis 2".

Are there any differences between the PC and the console versions?
Crytek has been developing PC games for over 10 years now and has in the past always been pushing the technological boundaries especially PC hardware wise. With "Crysis 2" we will continue in doing so. Our goal is to deliver the best gaming experience on each platform individually, both PC AND consoles. Even two years after the release of "Crysis", the sentence, "Can it run Crysis?" is still in gamers' heads. The game set an incredibly high benchmark, especially in terms of graphics. Thanks to our new technology CryENGINEv3 and all its new features, we're convinced that we can do it even better with "Crysis 2". It is a game that will not only be fun to play, but also amazing to look at. It's basically the gamer who pushes us. In our everyday work we're putting the gamers' experience squarely in the center of everything we do. With our games we want to bring greater gaming to the world. Since CryEngine®3 scales with the amount of hardware and power available, the experience you get on PC will be determined by how powerful your machine is. Everyone will have a great play experience, regardless.

Do you prefer programming for PCs or Consoles?
I don't know that there is a specific preference. At Crytek we like to make as many gamers happy as possible. Likewise, we like to take on new challenges that are tough and interesting. Luckily for everyone, being multiplatform means plenty of new challenges, but when those are achieved more gamers get to play "Crysis 2" so everyone wins!

Many gamers who played the first "Crysis" and its expansion - "Warhead" - complained about the plot which was considered not really rich and immersive. Will "Crysis 2" be the direct successor of "Crysis" plot or it will have its own spin off?
In every sequel of a game, the story is always a very important factor. It offers a lot of room for decision as you may just continue from the first part of the game, or take another perspective or invent a whole new story. Unfortunately we can’t reveal much about "Crysis 2's" story yet, but a large goal for "Crysis 2" is to expand upon the fiction of the whole "Crysis" universe. We’re trying to give those players who are seeking for it, a better understanding of the story behind "Crysis 1". But, of course, the main focus will be on introducing a bunch of new mysteries. For "Crysis 2" we brought in Richard Morgan, an award winning science fiction author, to help us craft a story that will add another layer of immersion to the player. First Person games can make you feel present in the game world like no other genre, and Richard really helps us bring that to life. Richard is definitely bringing his trademark visceral writing style to the project and brings New York City to life with gritty characters, a rich back-story and plot twists rarely found in video games. It was important for us to partner with someone who is as passionate about his craft, and playing video games as we are about playing and making video games. As a result you can expect a story that is grittier and darker than "Crysis" or "Warhead".

Is there some kind of introduction for people who are not yet familiar with "Crysis" universe.
"Crysis 2" will be completely accessible to both those who played "Crysis" and those who did not – whether they're PC or console gamers. "Crysis" has always been about large epic events and intense combat, and you can expect "Crysis 2" to continue these traditions with outstanding visuals, unique gameplay and a compelling storyline. Players will experience a new environment in "Crysis 2" that is equally fascinating, and even learn a bit more about the events of "Crysis 1" and "Warhead". Unfortunately, though, we can't reveal any more about the story behind "Crysis 2" at this point.

Can you tell us something about new weapons?
One of the new, and interesting weapons in "Crysis 2" we have not talked about much yet is the K-Volt. It is a very interesting weapon in singleplayer and multiplayer. The K-Volt drains suit energy, which can be quite disruptive when you are shot with it by AI or when you use it against other players! It is just one example of some of the sci-tech weapons we have in "Crysis 2" like the Mike, the Gauss, or the LTAG.

Will you support the game with multiple DLC's and updates after launch?
You can rest assured that we will be supporting not only "Crysis 2", but also our community and fans in the coming future – just like we did with "Crysis 1". We cannot announce anything specific yet, but keep checking MyCrysis.com for more information in the upcoming weeks.

How many weapons and maps will be available at launch?
At launch, "Crysis 2" Multiplayer will feature 12 different maps across various unique NYC locations. We also have 12 primary weapons, 4 secondary weapons, 3 mounted gun types, 5 explosives, 11 attachments and 20 suit modules!

What will the ranking system, if any, be like?
During the time you spend in Multiplayer you will level up your Nanosuit constantly. Once you reach level 50, you'll have the option to "reboot" your Nanosuit and start back at Level 1 for more prestige, better gear and cooler dogtags. All in all you'll be allowed to reboot your Nanosuit five times. What makes the progression really great is that we reward you experience based on your style of play, split into three categories. This allows you to unlock modules, weapons, etc. in ways that reflect your playstyle rather than being rewarded with items you may not necessary want or use.

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